06.13.06 - 2:16 p.m.

sick puppy

I'm feeling a little sheepish about posting this, since so many people have bigger worries to deal with on a daily basis, but I'll keep in mind that this is _my_ page, so nyeeeh.

My dog Suki-Doo has been sick for the past few days, so yesterday I took the day off work to take her to the vet then keep her company. Sounds like a leisurely existence you say? From 5am through 8am, she had to make very quick trips outdoors every half hour. I had no clue that my Doo contained so much poo. When her *ahem* yard deposits started looking frightening, I knew it was time for “go to vet, Suki?” Yes, I’m an anthropomorphic wack-job, I’m convinced that she knows who the vet is and that the vet is good news. Suki shuffle-walked to my car and sat down and gazed at me with bleary eyes.

Fortunately, she was seen before 11am, and just to make me question my sanity, she bopped around the waiting room like she was feeling just spiffy. She had to greet anyone within leash length by putting her paws on their knees while grinning with perked up ears and a wagging tail. A tiny sneezing kitten named Jackie kept waving her paw through her cat carrier at Suki, much to our delight, but sadly we couldn’t introduce them properly, as we didn’t want our pets exchanging cooties while they were already sick.

With her energy reserves spent she stayed still for the vet, and was a champ about having her temp taken and getting two huge injections. If I hadn’t been through worse with this dog I would have wigged out at needle time, next time I have to be given a shot or have blood drawn I must remember how calm Suki was, only giving the Dr. a “whadafa?” look until she was allowed to give the (covered) syringe a good sniffing.

Given the diagnosis “intestinal infection”, lots of antibiotics, probiotics, puppy Pepto and lots of sympathy, I then had to fork over 10 hours worth of pay (before taxes) – ouchie.

After spending my lunch hour with Suki today, I know it was worth every minute/cent. I had actually forgotten how she ignores the laws of physics as she runs in circles then improbably switches directions at top speed then runs over her plastic grocerystoreball as if she were part of some bizarre mouse mechanism. It’s funny how my relationship with my dog both breaks my heart and glues it back together.

(there are outdated photos of her on my gimpy site, I’ll post a recent pic soon)



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