06.18.06 - 9:04 a.m.

40 gb of pleasure

I just read a post by Bucky Four-Eyes that has me feeling much better about my lacivious thoughts towards my iPod.

Imagine if you will, this nightmarish reality: the CD player in my 16 y.o. car was (and still is!) broken, and I briefly lost my iPod, the driver's side window was stuck rolled down just enough to make a horrible whistling sound AND I had to drive to my inlaw's 4 hours away. Since it was freezing cold out, opening other windows to subdue the horrible whistle sound wasn't an option. Mr.Hubby was ill so he was either very cranky, or snoring loudly. I thought I was going to go certified guano crazy!

All hail iPods!



06.16.06 - 4:53 p.m.


Mz. Suki-Doo is alright. She's on a different antibiotic and now has pills for her stomach pain. Aaaaand the whole gig was only 5 hours pay this time.

So, the adrenaline has worn off, I've got a cat parked on my lap, and I'm thinking a nap would be devine.

However, my parents are visiting at _9am_ tomorrow, so I must tidy up the house. Mr. Hubby rttttttt5ttttt (ha, kitty typing!) is feeling gross, so I'll try to muster up the self control to let him sleep.

Thanks for your patience through these less-than-exciting posts, I'm sure to make up for it at some point by typing while drunk, so stay tuned!



06.16.06 - 1:14 p.m.

crap a doodle doo

I'm going to take my dog back to the vet today. She started on antibiotics Monday evening, and seemed to be recovering from her intestinal woes until she vomited this early this morning. And again after lunch. She's not trotting and zooming like usual, her ears aren't perky, and she's not interested in her toys. Fortunately she still has an appetite, so I'm not in full-blown freak out mode, but I'm not a happy camper at all.

I have no clue how parents can cope when their children are sick!



06.16.06 - 9:23 a.m.

Oh the places you'll go!

This morning, Chris Cactus of Rude Cactus wrote about odd things he saw on his way to work today, and his circus-esque observations reminded me of a morning commute I made to the city many years ago: A potbellied older man was zooming down the right lane of a four lane street on a recumbent bicycle, complete with basket and giant please-don't-run-me-over flag attached to the back. I was happy that he was caught at the same stoplight as me - he was more intersting to look at than the rest of traffic. He suddenly stood up, picked up then flung his bike onto the sidewalk, then found his thermos and flung _that_ at the bike. I'll never forget the way the coffee spray twinkled in the sunrise light. I watched him in my rearview mirror when the light turned green, and saw that he was having a tantrum and yelling (apparently at the bike). I _still_ wonder what the hell was going on.

Seen anything interesting lately?



06.15.06 - 9:12 a.m.

Cleanup on aisle 5!

Alice of onegirlandhercats recently wrote a great rant on the perils of working retail. Now that I have a "mostly sit on your butt at a computer" job, I can't imagine that I used to stand for 40 hours a week! But I digress.

We don't have Sainsbury's on this side of the pond, but do have a chain store called "Meijer" that I worked at one summer during college, and had similar experiences with! I think some of the managers were actually trained to give condescending looks to any employee who dared to be ill during their shift and request a break or (gasp!) to go home early, but they may have changed since then. I was working at the register one afternoon, feeling like crap on burnt toast, so I asked my Barney Rubble look-alike assistant manager if I could please take my 15 minute break early so I could sit down for a while. "Oh, it's almost your turn, I'm sure you'll be fine" was his answer. Less than 5 minutes later I fainted. It started by my vision blurring, then blacking out entirely, so I braced myself against the register and said to the confused old man whose groceries I had just scanned "I'm sorry I can't give you change, I can't see." Then I sat myself down on the floor before going out cold. Next thing I know Iím able to see in strobe-light-like flashes in black and white (no color) and a huge blonde woman with big 80s hair and a very tiny but improbably strong black woman were drag walking me to the manager's office. I was relieved to discover that I hadnít wet myself. Assistant manager Barney was sitting on a bench, looking like _he_ was ready to faint. After that, the managers were in permanent kiss-ass mode ďAre you feeling alright today?Ē and best of all gave me no grief whenever I called in sick. Turns out I had become massively hypoglycemic, and was a sick, sick pup for a while, but Iím better now Ė hooray!

To all the (2) readers who ever had a job that involved a register, what was your best or worst experience?



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