Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2006 - 3:53 p.m.

deathwatch for my Mac

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. My four year old laptop has got some issues. At minimum, it needs repair. More likely? I need to buy a new computer and hope_to_all_that_is_holy that I can retrieve the contents of my old computer before it implodes.

Yeah, I'm one of those dumbasses who doesn't back up her digial music and photos.

And my supertightwad powers are rendered useless: I already spent my "if the shit hits the fan" money on a previous clod of flying poo.

*smacks forehead*

That said, I have access to a scanner at work (bwaaaa haa haa) and will hopefully be able to participate in "Elvis Sighting Wednesday" tomorrow.

(Yes, I'm classy and hacked/created that fugly image using MS Paint, google image search couldn't capture the jankedy ugliness I was looking for.)



Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2006 - 12:11 p.m.

1994 wants it's post back

Oh Lawdy - I'm such a dork. I've just made arrangements to go see NIN in concert.

Mr. Hubby isn't the concert-going type, so I'm going with my past roommate/"Friend of the family"/fellow dorkaholic. I didn't think I'd blog about him, so I don't have a blog pseudonym picked out yet; Dorkmaster, Turdburgler, Nerd, and Fartknocker immediately come to mind, but those names suggest that I _don't_ like my old roommate, which certainly isn't the case. He's loud, sometimes obnoxious, sometimes smelly, sometimes painfully nihilistic, and is very likely to eat the last cookie in the jar. But, he has got to be one of the most patient people on the planet; he weathers my temper tantrums with laughter, lightly mocks Mr. Hubby and I when we're at each other's throats, and is happy to take the time to teach Mr. Hubby and I how to build furniture, maintain vehicles, and attack home improvement projects with confidence. He has a blackend sense of humor, a knack for entertaining children, and somehow just knows when to show up at our house with snacks or a case of beer.

So, I'm excited and apprehensive about this concert; I would have loved to see Trent Reznor live 12 years ago, better late than never!



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