Tuesday, Oct. 03, 2006 - 1:56 p.m.

I'm tired

I'm tired of being underemployed.

I'm tired of sitting in the same drab surroundings for 40 hours a week,
wondering if the noisy air vents are making me even more hard of hearing.

I'm tired of hearing "you're too smart for this job". Yeah, I know.
Unfortunately I'm also an expert at collecting rejection letters for jobs I'm also overqualified for.

I'm tired of driving home for lunch nearly every day so can chase Suki 'round the dog run chanting "stinky stinky!!"

I'm tired of almost always being the person who picks stinkies out of the dog run.

I'm tired of fucking numbskull pedestrians who think it's cute to walk out into traffic. It's not cute.
I have nightmares about accidently hitting distracted pedestrians.

I'm tired of driving a 17 year old car, why do zithead teenagers get to drive new cars?

I'm tired of assholes peeling my anti-Bush stickers off my car.
I don't piss on their territory, they should leave me and my old car alone.

I'm tired of whining and nagging.
Ironic, eh?

I'm tired of reminding Mr. Hubby to PUT AWAY SHARP KNIVES when he's through with them.

I'm tired of imagining my hamstring is being cut
or one of my pets bloodily de-tounged themselves
every time I see a sharp knife or razor out of place.

I'm tired of bills, I miss extra income.

I'm tired of my friends and family not getting that I'm genuiely bothered by credit card debt,
and am dead set on getting my finances back in black.

I'm not tired of AC/DC yet. "Big Balls" always makes me smile.

Perhaps I need a nap.



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