Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007 - 9:19 a.m.

instagoober: just add rum


THANK YOU to the tenth power goes to the folks I drank with last night; I had a fantastic time.

My memory is fuzzy as to how I earned my five bar crawl "points" . . . next time I hope to earn more and drink less.

One pint of Bass with dinner - no biggie

One rum and (diet) coke and a quiet bar/club - buzz approaching

One half a rum and diet at a loud bar (with an 80's cover band) - increased buzz, rightfully decide not to put on roller skates.

One rum and diet a tiny, cozy bar - baouirytarwoi tuaweiog farked up!

THIS is where one of my fellow roller girls in training swooped in, (assisted by our announcer) lead me by my arm to the next bar and suggested that I wanted to drink water.

It felt fantastic to be the person being drunk-sat rather than the drunk-sitter, and I probably told her that at least 25 times.

But to reiterate:
ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou . . . . .

I'm still puzzled as to how I went from mild buzz to total blitz so qiuckly.

And I'm completely mystified that I'm not yakking and don't think I'm going to yakk.

I'm off to get ready for a two hour drive to attend a hillbilly festival with my family, so long as no one swings chicken livers under my nose I should be fine.

Question of the day:
What's your favorite hangover remedy?



Friday, Feb. 23, 2007 - 10:02 a.m.

if I could rewind time . . .

. . . I would have weighed myself and measured the circumference of my calves, thighs, hips, waist, ribcage, biceps, forearms, and neck (why leave my neck out?)

I'm convinced that I'm drastically changing shape.

I wasn't at my physical worst a month ago (my physical worst was 7 years ago, perhaps more on that later . . .) but I was certainly in a "hey, what's up with my clothes getting snug?" slump.

Making this even more entertaining is going through this experience with lots of other rollergirls-in-training. It is not uncommon to hear "hey! Feel my ass! It's fantastic!" followed by "Damn! That is fantastic!" (I'm more of a "hey, check out these abs" gal myself).

I attended a short laps practice yesterday with badass-didn't-start-skating-till-30-years-old and another fellow newbie. Badass (and buff) speedy skater pointed out that my kneepads were smaller than hers, and followed that with "well, my legs are bigger than yours . . . um, I think all of me is bigger than you".

Under normal circumstances, the smaller woman would blush, internally gloat and say something along the lines of "oh, I've been dieting/working out/blessed with good genetics"

My response?
"Give me a little time, I'll get big too!"

I want to have to buy bigger clothes because my muscles (NOT PUDGE) are stretching seams. I want to be the person that opens stuck jar lids - (sounds humble, but I have crappy wrists). I want to be the person that lifts tillers/mowers/whatever out of vehicles. I want to be the person who can rearrange heavy furniture without assistance.



Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007 - 10:31 a.m.

postcard from the edge

Dear Diaryland,
You suck. I'm so tired of all the spam that I'm tempted to ask for my money back. I am really not impressed.

Dear Readers,
I miss posting to this blog and reading your blogs. I'm hella busy now training to be a rollergirl and keeping up with my new responsibilities at work. Promotions are cool on payday, but on other days it can be a bit of a drag to have to constantly navigate unfamiliar territory. Well, not constantly, but I was really comfy in my old rut.

Super short update:
1) I think I'm getting stronger!
2) My skating has improved, and I'm still giddy about derby training.
3) Promotions at work are both cool and sucky.
4) All my pets are happy and healthy - hooray!
5) My sister RULES for helping me de-clutter my kitchen, talk about _love_.
6) I'm going to seriously flip the bitch switch if Mr. Hubby doesn't quit "cheating" in his quest to stop smoking cigarettes.
7) No really, it's driving me nuts. To the point that I'm telling the blogosphere about it.
8) I want to catch up with my blog-reading very soon, I feel very out-of-the-loop.



Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007 - 9:33 a.m.

a very strange experience

Yesterday, my sister and I discovered that we are really starting to look alike. Perhaps since there is a 25 month difference in our ages, until now, we've NEVER looked alike at the same time. Our baby pictures are similar, but even a stranger could tell you which (squinty eyed, gummy grinned) baby would turn out to be me.

We've always sounded very similar, much to our entertainment - when we were in highschool we'd mess with guy friends by switching the phone back and forth between the two of us mid conversation and see how long it took the guy to notice the difference. 95% of the time it was giggling or not knowing the appropriate response to a question that gave us away, rather than our subtle differences in voice quality or lexicon. (Weeeeellll, my vocabulary may be a *little* bigger, but she's never struck with temporary stuttering or lisping like I occasionally am).

She's finally on her way from button/pug nose to pointy nose. I lost my button nose when I was 6, she was a thumb-sucker and smoshed her nose down constantly, perhaps altering the way her (childhood) nose looked?

I'd swear that her chin is starting to stick out like mine. Or perhaps she's getting buffer, loosing a little weight and that weight is being subtracted from her neck, causing her chin to look bigger??

Compliment of compliments, she wants me to pluck her eyebrows so they look like mine. Neither one of us is particularly gifted in the eyebrow department - we have anti-uni-brows; very little eyebrows in the middle whatsoever and not much to speak of elsewhere either. (I think I'll be lazy and take her to the lovely indian lady who does tweezers my eyebrows with string).

Since I'm growing my hair out and have dyed it a slighty lighter color of reddish-brown (usually if I bother to dye, I go to black-brown) even our hair looks more similar.

To add to the wierd-factor, when she takes her contacts out, she wears glasses almost exactly like mine.

We sat at my kitchen table last night just staring at each other, creeping each other out - it was very much like looking in a mirrior. Finally we decided that we had better watch a movie so we could look at something other than each other's faces because it was starting to get spooky.

We put a movie on in the den/guest room and next thing I know it's morning, I'm laying in bed with my (sleeping) lookalike sis and my dog is happily wedged between us. Thankfully Mr. Hubby had turned the TV off and took care of locking up, etc - I have no recollection of him trying to move me to bed, but I've been told that I talk a mean "just let me sleep right here" in my sleep.

(useless aside: I used to live in a spooky house where I was always mean in my sleep. Move to a friendly house, and now I'm no longer mean in my sleep - weeeeeeeeiiiird).



Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007 - 9:29 a.m.

a quick(ish) post

1) Yep, I'm alive and hopefully almost over nasty-cold-of-February-2007. I spent to last two days at home due to bad weather and feeling gross. I had the attention span of a knat, which is alright when you're mostly interested in sleeping all day. Also explains why I was such a space cadet at practice on Sunday and at work on Monday . . .

2) My apologies to the Wednesday-Elvis seekers, my home computer is frazzled by the task of uploading new photos. Again, I was interested in sleeping all day, not playing tech geek.

3) We _did_ lose electricity at our house for 6 hours on Tuesday, I must have slept through the first half hour or so. The crock pot was still warm, and thankfully, the water in our fishtank was still warm. I covered it with lots of blankets and the zebra danias and the snail colony survived. The live plants didn't seem aversly affected by the chill either.

4) I did lose some cactus plants but don't have the heart to put them out on the compost pile just yet. They still look alive-ish, but their innards are mush. Given that I have too many houseplants, it's not really a tragic loss, but is a bit of a bummer. Some of them were getting to be the size of submarine sandwiches, and I had raised them up from tiny little golfball-size cacti.

5) I skated last night (yeah, I know that people who are too sick to attend work from 8-5 shouldn't be well enough to skate from 7-9, but nyeeeeeeeh) and kicked some arse, at the expense of wiping out a few times. I learned the painful way that I was not wearing my hip pads in the right position. I don't think I did anything truly nasty to myself, but my left hip, and left shoulder have certainly felt better.

I'm feeling pretty badass about my injury because I earned it while trying to complete an intimidating task: skate 20 (or more) laps in 5 minutes. I wiped out about 2 minutes in and got back up quickly, then wiped out again after another 2 minutes and fell a third time as I was getting up from my second fall. In my defense, the floor was slicker than snot (something to do with cold temperature on the old basketball court floor) and I had no clue that I wasn't running behind. I managed 22 laps - happy dance!!! I still have to improve my "get around the turn quickly" technique so I can skate 5 laps in one minute, I missed that goal by 5(?) seconds. I didn't expect to make it, so I'm not particularly dissapointed.

I was so sad for another derbygirl who missed that goal by only 2 seconds, the look on her face nearly brought tears to my eyes. (I can be such a sympathetic wuss!) Later on, she did almost 25 laps in five minutes, so I know she'll succeed next time we're tested.

6) Gotta catch up on a metric ton of office work, probably won't have time to stop by other blogs since I'll be hanging out with my sister tomorrow. Hooray!!




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